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  • Monsterchems Rinse

    Monsterchems Rinse

    1gallon Monsterchems Rinse is an effective and economical acidic rinse that can be used to neutralize excessive alkalinity-pH level of textiles once they have been conditioned with pre-spray or other detergents. Monsterchems Rinse has a wonderful light...

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  • Monsterchem’s Rinse & Protect

    Monsterchem’s Rinse & Protect

    Dilution: Truckmount: use 32 oz. per 5 gallon of water, set flow-meter at 3 GPH. PORTABLE:  Use 1 oz. Per gallon of extraction water. URINE PRE-TREATMENT: Use 8 oz. Per gallon of water, Apply liberally to urine spots (saturate), allow dwell...

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